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7 Week Meridian Tapping Certification Coach Training

From January 25, 2021 to March 8

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Inner Reconciliation

Energy Techniques

GP's Unique Approach to Meridian Tapping & Energy Healing

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Your 4 Amazing Powers of Creation

Creating the Universe Like the Gods & Goddesses You Are

Private Video Workshop on Zoom

Thursday, February 25

10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm UTC

Most of us raised here in the wast has been saddled with the dominant religious theology that says you are a miserable, no account, worthless, sinful basket of unholy desires and you deserve eternal damnation.

Nice! Welcome to the world kid.

Imagine being brought up in a culture that had never heard of:

  • The Fall

  • Original Sin

  • Eternal Damnation

  • Hell

  • Perpetual Guilt and Shame


Imagine being brought up in a culture, where the central image was not a man being tortured, nailed to a cross and covered in blood, but the image of a deeply peaceful face with a sweet contented smile.


Try as we may, we cannot just reject our heritage out of hand. It has been installed in you and is active whether you like it or nor.



GP's vast experience with global mythologies and his own deep spiritual experience has revealed A NEW TONGUE, that is a new understanding of the Biblical stories and what they really mean.

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Speaking in the New Tongue of Spirit

The Christian Mystic Workshop

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