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Your Power Is Not

Where You Think It is

Creation Is the Most Elemental Act of Genuine Self-Love​

Creation is not what you have been told it was.

  • It is not a moment in time

  • It is the appearing of the timeless

  • It is not an act of will or intention

  • It is not accidental or happenstance

In fact, it is emanating from its source every single moment.

But, in order to consciously surrender to and participate in this ever unfolding mystery, you have to understand how the whole process works.

We Have to Understand the nature of Perception, Creation and Reality

Perception is out experience and it is shaped by your 4 AMAZING POWERS OF CREATION

Join me as we explore

  • Attention

  • Belief

  • Identity and

  • Discrimination

Understand these powers and you will become one with the Tao,  the flow of life throughout the universe

A Message from GP


Just Allow It

The Path of Unconditional Love

3rd Edition

JUST ALLOW IT was the very first digital product that GP produced and it is still one of his most popular. In fact, many people have told us they are still using it even though they have had it for 10 years or more.

THIS IS THE 3RD EDITION and although the material itself remains as in the 2nd edition it has been remastered to sound better on all the modern mobile devices that are the most common now for listening.

THETA WAVE BINAURAL BEATS brain entrainment technology has been added to this edition as well. The binaural beats help calm the nervous system, making it more feel more safe and thus more receptive. Theta waves are the most conducive to deep relaxation, thus facilitating profound transformation.

IN ORDER TO GET THE MOST from the binaural beats you need to listen wearing headphones. None the less, the material you will be hearing has been helping people get into the State of Allowing for over a decade. The brain entrainment is a helpful boost, but not a necessity.

There are 5 volumes which can be purchased individually or you can purchase the entire set (buy 4 get 1 free)

Try it for yourself! This is the entire first exercise of the course!

Simple Body Awareness

"As a complex PTSD survivor, this allowing exercise has been the most important for my recovery. Within a few months of practice, it took me from not knowing what to answer when my therapist asked me what I felt in my body, to full awareness and connection with my body in the present moment. This connection created space for a greater level of healing than I had ever hoped for." - Linda (YouTube Comment)

Sandy Beach

Guided Meditations

GUIDED MEDITATIONS are a powerful yet effortless means of learning and mastering the subtleties of meditations.

WITH OVER 30 YEARS of meditation practice and teaching behind him GP's guided meditations are  simple, easy to absorb and very effective.

IF YOU HAVE NEVER MEDITATED before (or tried and failed) GP's mastery will guide you success on your first attempt.

IF YOU HAVE BEEN PRACTICING meditation for years we are sure you will gain fresh inspiration and insight from these powerful meditations.

Enjoy and Namaste!


Meditation Music

Solfeggio Frequencies, Binaural Beats, Isochronic Pulse, Sustained Pedal Points

MUSIC HAS ACCOMPANIED meditation for as long as we humans have been meditating.


THE TRANSFORMATIVE POWER and contemplative influence of music has been known and utilized for millennia and these pieces embody that great tradition.

WITH MODERN TECHNOLOGY we can take that a step further with:

  • SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES that have known to have emotional and physiological effect

  • BINAURAL BEATS which aids the nervous system in attaining and maintaining the meditative state

  • ISOCHRONIC PULSE also aids the system in sustain a meditative state and does not require headphones

  • SUSTAINED PEDAL POINTS which naturally calm and center the mind and body!