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The Flow of Enlightenment was born when long time media personality and radio producer Lisa Berry first met GP Walsh.

It was her first experience with the teachings of non-duality how, in her own words, "It seemed to just explain everything."

A few short weeks later, she and GP launched "The Flow of Enlightenment," a radio show to share the deep message of this very unique and special teacher.

For Lisa, this ancient path of spiritual teaching is brand new. So she asks the kinds of questions that someone just discovering this would ask, full of freshness, innocence, childlike curiosity and playfulness.

Come listen for yourself and see what spiritual seekers from all over the world are discovering and embracing.


On Air Producer, Author, Coach

And Dedicated Student of GP

Lisa Berry is Master at breathing life into the dreams of people wanting to create a Lifestyle Love Story for themselves.


International Show Host and 5 times International Best Selling Author,

Lisa holds a powerful space for conscious conversations that are globally broadcasted creating holistic happiness and connection worldwide while also coaching other show hosts how to deliver exceptional experiences to their audiences.


She created Podcast Prosperity, an 8-week mentorship program, to help authors and content creators capture and express their message through the wonder and influential power of media by launching their own Podcast.


As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Life Coach, Lisa helps her students and clients to "grow then glow." She embraces the opportunity to facilitate joy and happiness in her students so they can experience and express that inner radiance throughout their experience.

Becoming a student of GP has expanded her even further so that she brings an added spiritual depth to her already rich background and experience. 


Making Ontario, Canada her home, Cat Mom Lisa (Lucy and Brinks) lives vibrantly, energetically and happily while guiding others to do the same. 


Her whole life is about finding possibilities and enthusiasm is her fuel.

GP Walsh

Spiritual Teacher

Non Duality & Inner Reconciliation

GP's spiritual journey has been anything but traditional.


From his earliest childhood questioning, to his wanting to end it all, to his stunning, unsought transformation at the age of 19, his natural desire to know and understand truth has been the invisible hand guiding his life.

But he has also had a rich and diverse life. He has been a musician (a pianist, composer and songwriter), a voice over talent for radio, TV and even video games, a computer systems architect and an entrepreneur, before devoting himself full time to spiritual teaching.


But it hasn't all been glamorous. When younger, the single father of two young sons he was a mailman, worked on shipping docks, in warehouses, as a janitor, a cook in a day care center, a roofer, endless odd jobs (sometimes 3 at once) anything he needed to do in order to get by and take care of his children. 

He comes to the role of elder spiritual guide full of humanity, humility and a life that has truly walked the talk.

"It is the adversities of life that teach us the deepest lessons. i didn't always know that. I wanted it to be easy. But little by little the deeper purpose and profound opportunity to embrace life on its own terms, led me right to the fountain of wisdom and the discovery of Inner Reconciliation." ~ GP

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