Neptune Sings is a powerful meditation instrumental. Like all GP's mediation music, it is made for a quiet backgroun to your meditations practice, background for relaxation or for spas and massage therapists to create an atmosphere conducive to healing.


In addition to the power of the music itself, it has been tuned to the 432Hz frequency, which has anatural calming effect on the physical body and emotions.


It also contines binuaural beats in the Theta Frequecy Range, which also beings a sense of calm and centeredness. Like all binaural beat brain entrainment recordings, it is only effective when listened to with headphones. This pieces has been prepared to get maximum calming effect with or without utilizing the binaural beats.


The 50 minute recording begins and ends with actual recordings of the radio wave emissions of the planet itself, recorded by satellites and then converted in audible sound waves. Netpune sings is indeed a unique and mystical experience.


The downloadable file is an mp3 but at a much higher resolution than normal. It may be a bigger file but it's worth it.




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