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Special Announcement for Patreon Patrons

Recent and ongoing changes at Patreon has caused us to rethink our relationship with that platform. The investment of venture capital over several years has shifted Patreon's focus from that of supporting artists to getting a big and growing return for the investors.

In addition, Patreon has followed in the footsteps of the giants Google and Facebook and is censoring content creators. In some instances, completely de-platforming them and leaving them without a source of income.

We find this to be totally unacceptable and as a result have chosen instead to create our own subscription service, More than just a platform for donations, we have curated a great deal of GP's library of content and made it available here.

We hope you will support GP's work and regard this, not merely as a subscription to content, but as an ongoing support of this rare and gifted teacher. 

GP has amassed quite an extensive library of videos and audios over the years and that level of output shows no signs of slowing down.

As a part of this special program he and the team have collected all those videos together, cataloged, organized them and made them available to you in a format that is easy to navigate.

3 Major Portals to Content


The Doorway of Meditation



The Doorway of Touch



The Doorway of Inquiry


The 3 Doorways of Inner Reconciliation

The doorways of inner exploration are the various paths of GP's Process of Inner Reconciliation. Each doorway or portal touches a different aspect of of your inner world and gently and naturally brings it into harmony with your highest self, the reality of your being.

The content in the patron program has been categorized and organized around the model of those 3 portals, as is the entire presentation of Inner Reconciliation


What's  Included?

Private Patron Calls

GP live Q&A exclusive to patrons

Special Discounts

10% off on all GP's live workshops & prerecorded courses

(some restrictions apply)

Exclusive Content

Periodically GP's will create some special content just for the patrons

Radio Show Replays

GP's fun and inspiring radio show "The Flow has over 40 episodes and counting. They have been collected together here for your ease of listening

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And More