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Om School

A Spiritual Teacher for Our Confusing Times


GP is first and foremost a spiritual teacher.


From his earliest childhood traumas to his first major awakening at 19 to his discovery of Inner Reconciliation his focus has always been the same. Eliminate suffering for all beings.


“When I was graced with the profound understanding of the Original Innocence of each one of us it immediately delivered me from self-destructive, ego-centered behavior and set my feet on the path that eventually led to Inner Reconciliation.”


But GP’s life has not been one of isolation in a monastery. Far from it. He has been actively engaged in the world starting businesses, raising a family as a single father, suffering debilitating set-backs as well as enormous successes in many aspects of life.

He is truly someone who “knows the deal,” has "walked the talk" and has emerged from difficult experiences with increased wisdom, deepened compassion and his trademark, irreverent humor.

GP has a unique ability to connect and communicate with people from all walks of life wherever they are on their personal path. From simply wanting help with uncovering blocks and old patterns, all the way to the deepest existential questions of who we really are and why we are here. He explains simply and beautifully his message of love and acceptance and reminds us all that WE ARE NOT BROKEN.

“I have had the privilege of hearing some of the best storytellers and speakers in the world. GP Walsh is one of those.  It is a rare talent that can keep an audience absolutely mesmerized while delivering teaching and insights that are profound and life changing.


GP will take you on a journey you will not soon forget and will touch you in ways that will effect everything you do.


Jack Canfield

The World’s #1 Success Coach and Co-Author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and “The Success Principles"