"Having never left the house you are asking for the way home" - Nisargadatta Maharaj

What if you were vastly more than you thought you were?

Wouldn't you want to know that?

Well you are!

The Great Doubt is a Deeply Significant Teaching in Zen Buddhism

"Gosh you’re GOOD!!! Thank you! It’s much easier to see in how you explain it." - AKT (YouTube Comment)

This video is an excerpt from one of GP's recent online satsangs, something he does every Sunday at 3pm EST / 8pm UTC YouTube ( In it he speaks plainly about how to abandon all of our ideas in order to understand the truth directly, not as an idea, but as our very being.

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All experience passes before you

Constantly changing

Coming and going

Arising and subsiding

Yet you remain


Watching it all

Experiencing it all 

Witnessing it all

Recognizing that you are

Pure witnessing

Without a witness

Your search has ended

You have found the truth

You have found yourself

You have found The Self

Non-dual inquiry is the most precise, penetrating and direct form of spiritual practice
  • Genuine spirituality is not a code of behavior or ethics, although it is highly ethical

  • It is not a belief or conceptual system, although it is highly intellectually precise

  • It is not a practice or a process or way of living or anything cultural

  • It wears no costume

  • It is bound by no conventions

  • It is simply the willingness to ask the simplest of questions, “Who am I... really?”

Satsang - Communion with Truth

Satsang is a Sanskrit word that simply means "Communion with Truth."

As a formal event it is a setting in which students are intived to ask questions of the teacher concerning their spiritual practices, self-inquiry, meditation and the like. Sometimes those questions can also be domestic; like how to handle a certain difficult time someone may be going to, for example.

In all those cases, no matter what the topic of the particular question, the teacher (or traditionally the guru) always guides the questioner back to themselves, back in touch with the reality of their own being in such a way that the student finds the answer for and in themself.

Satsang is communing with the truth of your own being and,
whenever you turn sincerely within you are in satsang.!
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Join GP for Satsang Every Sunday at 3pm Eastern

That is 7pm UTC in summer time and 8pm in standard time