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The Chakras are way more than
balls of light on a new age poster

They are a constant influence on your thoughts, behaviors, and experiences... negative or positive

Have you ever wondered how you can desire something that is really good, progressive, and beneficial to you and others, but you have an inner resistance to it?

THIS RESISTANCE doesn't just appear as a contraction or sensation in the

body, it even appears as:

  • FORGETTING something important

  • LOSING something you absolutely need

  • ALL OF A SUDDEN, all sorts of totally unimportant
    things will need your attention

  • You get DISTRACTED even when you are trying to concentrate

  • PHYSICAL THINGS BREAK or stop working, even things that are out of your control like bank machines or escalators

The cause of this resistance is not some personal failure on your part. It is caused by inner conflict or being of two minds

Understanding the nature of the Chakra System will set you free from these so-called "unconscious" patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors.

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Everyone is familiar with the idea of an unconscious mind, this mysterious thing that seems to influence everything you do and the quality of your life

Did you know that if there was NO RESISTANCE you would already have it?

Well, guess what? The unconscious "mind" isn't a mind at all and it isn't centered in the brain. It permeates the entire body. In fact, it IS the body!

Master Spiritual Teacher GP Walsh leads this two hour long interactive workshop that will immerse you in a profound journey of self-discovery. It will completely change your ideas about The Chakras and Money forever.


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From the Students

Good day GP ,just some feedback on your money tapping videos . I did all of them and been doing the allowing money one. I had financial challenges for over 19 yrs, its been miraculous the past week as money has flowed in from small to larger amounts and all blocks to certain things have lifted.

I feel prosperous on a deeper level and my paradigm has changed. Thank you so much for helping us with these free tapping videos they are truly transformational.

Even my relationship with my mother has become more joyful. Blessings!

~ Jayne Flintoff, UK

It's All About Freedom

In this workshop, we will take a long look at what money means, what it signifies, its dual nature of both destruction and construction, its illusory nature, and this will ultimately lead to our freedom:

  • Fear of spending it

  • Fear of losing it

  • Depending on it

  • Worrying about it

  • Defining yourself and others by it

  • Scarcity mindset

  • Second guessing money decisions

  • Want it

  • Have it

  • Use it

  • Grow it

  • Share it

  • Enjoy it

  • Express with it

What Is Included

1 Introduction and Welcome
2 Replay of Intro Workshop (the whole thing)
3 Why Am I Doing This?
4 What are the Chakras?
5 Let's Talk Money
6 Welcome
7 The Eyes That See
8 The 7 Eyes of the Soul
9 The Cause and Cure of ALL Problems
10 Tapping on the Tribe (The 1st Chakra)
11 Tapping on the Nymph (The 2nd Chakra)

12 Q&A and Great Guidance
13 Tapping On Desire Allowing Not Attaching
14 Tapping On Positive Feelings But Caution
15 Tapping On The Storyteller (The 3rd Chakra)
16 Tapping On A Ceiling on Money
17 Tapping On Body Dissociation, Seeker vs Finder
18 Tapping On Emotional Associations
19 Tapping On Wanting Money = Greed and What If I Had It
20 Tapping On The Dragon in the Restless Leg
21 Q&A Past Lives
22 Tapping On I Can't Make Money Doing What I Love
23 Q&A Habitual Energies
24 The Peacemaker (The 4th Chakra)
25 The Upper 3 (5: The Creator, 6: The Visionary, 7: The Sage)
26 The Light at the Center (The 8th Chakra)
27 Continuing Ed - EFT, the Chakras and Inner Reconciliation

This workshop is not about "having it all"
or manifesting your dream life

I am going to take a unique approach. It involves three powerful modalities that create the shift in perception that is at the heart of all spiritual healing:

  1. The Chakras represent aspects of consciousness. When misunderstood they create constant inner conflict, resistance, and suffering

  2. Energy Healing on a high level that will bypass the mind and directly address the realm of the subconscious

  3. Inner Reconciliation resolves the conflict we have within ourselves and creates a Soul Reconnection, the disconnection of which is the cause of all of our problems (a.k.a. suffering)

Money isn't really the issue... it is inner conflict

Money problems are only one manifestation of an inner conflict that arises out of the soul disconnection. It can present itself in many other areas of your life!

The underlying cause is beyond all of that. 

The solution to current global problems does lie in a global movement.

Chakras Archetypes.jpg

Out of necessity, global movements must begin with individual spiritual transformation. Spiritual transformation is simply a perceptual shift that leads to a different view on life.

Change your relationship to Money

You change the world

The impact is experienced first as a shift in the circumstances of one's life. This then branches out, at first touching those closest but eventually reaching further and further until it becomes a silent influence on the entire world.

You are NOT powerless

You are a global movement from within

So let us start with you. Join me for an exploration of how you see yourself, your finances, and your whole life, through the eyes of the several aspects of consciousness, the Chakras.

From the Students

"Our session yesterday was profound. I begin to realize that I have a choice at every moment. I realized that I am not my desire or resistance to it.  I am very excited. I have a new desire (Accessing to my full potential).  


I wrote all my beliefs around money and art, and rewrote the opposite of it. Then I read them to see if I believed it. Turns out I am a businesswoman. I talk about my work in a way that people won't forget my name or my work. 

I just want to thank you, I am grateful and honored to have you as my teacher. "

~ Nasrin Golden, Artist, Ireland