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Starting Life (Again) with a Clean Slate

A Meridian Tapping Immersion

What Is an Energy Cleanse?

What Is Energy Healing?

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Trauma, Conditioning and Why We Are the Way We Are

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Introduction to the Immersion

It is no secret that our lives are limited, bogged down by the baggage we accumulate over our time. Deep energy cleanse is opens up the clogged channels so the rivers of wellbeing, abundance and health flow unhindered.


But how? That is the million dollar question… 15billion dollar question actually. That is how big the self-help industry has become.


Some see it as psychological, others as emotional, others as motivational and still others as neurological or even genetic. At the root of all of these is a vastly misunderstood essence which we can simply call energy.


No woo-woo here. We are talking about the kind of subtle force that is at the root of Chinese philosophy (The Tao) medicine and healing practices; acupuncture, Chi Gong, Feng Shui and herbal remedies to name a few. And forms the basis of the modern derivatives of those practices, namely Meridian Tapping and Energy Psychology.


To bring out permanent life transformation requires immersion. After all, it was the repetition of behaviors and the continued absorption of false beliefs, ideas and assumptions that created the dam in the natural flow of your harmonious life.


It will take repetition, a retraining, to restore that natural flow and the miraculous harmony and experience of which we are all capable. And what does this harmonious human life look like?

You’ll experience a:

  • Total shift in your relationship with yourself (from self rejection to self acceptance)

  • Deep understanding of your nervous system, how you got programmed and how to get free

  • Gentle, effective tools for working with the wounded parts of you, loving them back to wholeness

  • Revelation that YOU’RE NOT BROKEN and the energy system is now and always has been functioning perfectly

  • An miraculous relief from suffering, glowing self-appreciation coming from a profound understanding of who you really are

It will be a set of 4 live workshop (at least at first) then it becomes evergreen.


I will be explaining in depth how trauma caused all of the difficulties and how meridian tapping releases the traumatic material. And we will not use talk about it we will do it!


For the novice to the experienced practitioner, GP’s tapping is quite unique (I have quotes of people testifying to that) So no to worry I will show the complete novice what to do


I will be available live during the workshops for Q&A and via email and the private Facebook group for ever after.

It’s NOT Your Fault

Ending the Tyranny of Self-Blame

There are few things that cause more suffering, more personal failure and emotional pain than self-blame; aka self-condemnation, self-judgement, self-diminishment, self-punishment, self-unforegivness.

Sue-blame is instilled in us at a very young age and we spend our entire lives trying to hide it, reframe it, compensate for it, trying to prove it isn’t true and that we are worthy. And it is completely unconscious. We don’t realize that that is what we are doing.


It’s like it is our dirt, little secret that not even we know. 

Needless to say this effects everything you do and every relationship you have:

  • No more deferring to others for lack of confidence
  • No more violate boundaries because you know how to set them and how to protect them

  • No more uncertainty as to what matters to you


Instead it is replaced by:

  • A gentle understanding personal power
  • A confidence that is not aggressive

  • A compassion and tenderness for all beings

  • Love for self and love for other

And it opens so many door of possibility, coming to a place where it's safe to:

  • Be visible 

  • Stand out 

  • Show up as yourself

  • Enjoy life 

  • Have compassion for yourself and others 

  • To take intelligent and promising risks

  • To move through life with curiosity 

  • To feel the rapture of life

It manifests as feelings and thoughts of: 

  • ​I’m not loveable

  • it's my fault

  • I'm not good enough to <fill in the blank>

  • I deserve this

  • If I could only try harder, be better, get a break

Weirdly enough, as a child it actually serves a purpose. It gives us a feeling that, “If I am just good enough, I will get the love and attention I crave.” When the sad reality is we aren’t going to get it because our parents don’t have it to give.

In other words, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT and nothing you did then or now would have helped because it was never you in the first place. You have been trying to fix something that was never broken and this is the key to overcoming self-blame and standing in self-validation, self-respect and empowers the creation of solid boundaries.

Finding Inner Safety is the Magic Formula


When you are dominated by self-doubt, it seems as though everyone has more authority than you. Oftentimes we find people who take advantage of us and bend us to their will.


If you are fortunate enough to find others who are trustworthy it still doesn’t replace that empty feeling that can only come from the capacity to self-validate.


That is the true gift. This process awakens in us not only willingness to step out, be seen and take some chances, but the courage to make mistakes and course correct. No one ever does it perfectly and no is suppose to. Life is perpetual discovery and self-trust is what allows us to be in this game of life fully.

Tapping out of Self-Doubt and into Self-Trust

Awakening Authority

Having tapped out of self-blame we will confront the old habit of self-doubt and how weka the self-trust muscle is.


The deep energetic belief of “I’m not enough” cuts our confidence off at the knees and gives rise to a sometimes overt but more often subtle self-doubt that effects everything we do.


It shows overtly up as:

  • Questioning or 2nd guessing decisions
  • Deferring to others

  • Doubting (or not even hearing) your intuition

  • Always taking the familiar path

  • Procrastinating


But, it can also come up more subtlety:

  • Self-sabotage
  • Quiet negative self-talk

  • Shyness

  • Fear of public speaking

  • Fear of asking for what you want

  • Settling


The Flow

Everything You Need To Know About Energy Healing

This is different. While all the workshops are primarily experiential with a lot of tapping, trauma release and personal processing, The Flow is an in depth look at:

  • What energy is
  • How it works

  • Why energy healing is so powerful

  • And what is the nature of the human being

That last one is key. What if I told you, you are not at all what you think you are. In fact, you are so beautiful, so vast, so infinite, so constantly changing and evolving that you could not never capture the fullness of you?


The Flow is the Tao, the Way Things Are, the True Self. It is the essential energy that makes up all life, animate and inanimate. And it makes up you. It is the fact that you are the infinite flow of energy that makes it possible for you to be freed from all stickiness, limitation and suffering, once and for all.


It does not happen all at once. But once you understand your real nature, you are on the path that eventually leads out of all limitation and into eternal freedom.

Finding Inner Safety is the Magic Formula


Trauma -the past that creates the present 

grief -past with no resolution 

false beliefs -  consequences of both which are energetic patterns that we don't question

Past Loss 

Loss of an opportunity of a dream of people


Believing that your life could be so different and hanging onto the fact that there's no going back


Grief is recognizing it's irrecoverable loss


This person is in a place of no possibilities and no resolution they are in a place where they can't be free from the past and feel that they are ruined or spoiled but the truth is they are untouched

Freedom from the Past

Releasing Trauma, Grief & Persistent Beliefs

The role of childhood trauma, not only in psychological and emotional problems, but in real physical illness is well documented. It has yet to hit the mainstream, but the evidence is not even controversial.


Trauma is a Greek word that simply means wound. Emotional trauma is simply an emotional wound that has not been healed. These traumas are not held in the mind, they are held in the body. Which is why the practice of Meridian Tapping is such a powerful tool for releasing that unresolved energy and healing that wound.


Those past wounds literally create the present, until they are healed.

These unhealed wounds cost us dearly. So much of the energy, that should go into our thriving, prosperous life is being dedicated to protecting those wounds, concealing ourselves from ourselves. This is the energy of life that needs to be restored.

That restoration involves looking at beliefs that are so deeply held that we never even question them. It also involves diving into feelings that we have hid from ourselves for lifetimes.


(I don’t want this to get to heavy here. I am kind of struggling to put this into words.)


Are we stalling grief pushing it away?  Avoiding it? 

reframing it? 

Spiritual Transformation


Tapping Into Your Innate Divinity & Original Innocence

The therapeutic benefits of EFT are slowly making their way into the mainstream with mounting clinical evidence to support it.


But isn’t there is more to life than just fixing problems.


In order to be truly happy life has to have meaning, purpose, wonder, curiosity. With all of our personal development we need to cultivate the awe of being  self aware human beings.


GP brings a special perspective to the field of energy healing and energy psychology.He has been a spiritual teacher for over four decades and is well versed in numerous religious and spiritual traditions.


He brings this unique outlook to all he does. In this workshop he dives into the deeper questions and uses Meridian Tapping as an aid to this deep self-exploration.

Some of the tapping techniques he has developed:

  • Presence Tapping
  • Meditation & Meridians

  • Tapping on the Buddha​

  • TapFirmations

  • Original Innocence​

These open the door to a discovery, not a better version of you (You 3.2)  but the uncovering of original you where there's nothing to fix. Who were you before all of the conditioning happened?


The premise GP takes with all of these is that the quality you are wishing to have in your life, confidence, self-trust, self-understanding, self-love, self-acceptance and being someone truly valuable, is not something you acquire. It is something you discover.


All the qualities we seek are actually already in you. They do not need to be gained or grown or learned. They need to be awakened.


“What you are looking for is where you are looking from.” St. Francis of Assisi.

The Tappist Monks

Ongoing Immersion & Mastery Program


What Is an Energy Cleanse?

What You Ae Going to Learn

Good day GP ,just some feedback on your money tapping videos . I did all of them and been doing the allowing money one. I had financial challenges for over 19 yrs, its been miraculous the past week as money has flowed in from small to larger amounts and all blocks to certain things have lifted.

I feel prosperous on a deeper level and my paradigm has changed. Thank you so much for helping us with these free tapping videos they are truly transformational.

Even my relationship with my mother has become more joyful. Blessings!

~ Jayne Flintoff, UK

FROM our students

A Bonus Download for You - TapFirmation "I AM SAFE"

Continuing On - EFT, Chakras and Inner Reconciliation

A Total

The best way to truly learn, transform body, mind and soul is to immerse yourself in a consistent practice. And that is exactly what we are going to do over the next 10+ days.

Day 1 - The Goal Is Equanimity (Free Trial)
Day 2 - Coming Into the Present Moment
Day 3 - Inner Reconciliation and Energy Healing
Day 4 - Overcoming Fear
Day 5 - The Cause of Fear
Day 6 - Coming to Peace with the Past
Day 7 - The Power of Belief and Identity
Day 8 - The Fastest Way to Progress
Day 9 - Spontaneity and Rigidity
Day 10 - A Very Special Exercise