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Watch My Video Introduction to
Inner Reconciliation
And Experience it for Yourself

It started out as a 7 part series but when I had finished I realized

something important sill needed to be said. So now there are 8 parts.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to study with the creator and become a guide to the inner world.

The next Foundation for Facilitating training will be starting in early 2022.


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The Culmination of a Life's Journey

"After decades of all sorts of practices; metaphysical, emotional, mythological, psychological and, of course, spiritual, I finally brought it all together into a single, simple approach to inner work and the spiritual path and I named it Inner Reconciliation." ~ GP Walsh

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You're Not Broken

For many that sounds completely absurd.


After all, doesn't every self-help, personal development and spiritual practice set-about to fix, or dispose of, or transcend all of our personal failings that need to be corrected in oder to live a full life?

With all due respect to all those sincere approaches, they are all dead wrong!

Live, Spontaneous Meditations and Discourses

Over the years GP has done many live meditations and discourses. Most of these were live streamed on YouTube. Most of these videos contain a discourse, a meditation and a Q&A.

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