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Die Energietechniken der Inneren Versöhnung

"I'm not saying we do it better. I'm just saying this is how it should be done." - Jimi Hendrix

GP is  a Recognized Master of Energy Healing using his unique adaptation of Meridian Tapping

Meridian Tapping is a powerful holistic healing technique

TAPPING has helped millions of people with a wide range of emotional, mental, and even physical illnesses. It has been used to treat all sorts of issues, including stress, anxiety, phobias, depression, addictions, chronic pain, weight control, and limiting beliefs.


And that is just a sample.

I personally used this technique when I worked with combat veterans from 4 different wars, all with severe PTSD. Every single one of them improved and, in some cases, they got their lives back.


What Is It?

Derived from acupuncture, tapping is at the center of a whole new approach to health called Energy Psychology and GP is one of the leaders in this field.

"Disciplines such as yoga, massage, tai chi, and acupuncture rely on a body-mind connection, and evidence shows that these interventions can relieve stress, depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders. EFT tapping falls into the category of body-centered therapies." - Source

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GP offers Numerous Workshops, Immersions, Ongoing Engagement
professional Training for the Subtle Art of Energy Healing using Meridian Tapping

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