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End Suffering ~ BE Happy

Inner Reconciliation
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A Gentle Path to Healing and Spiritual Awakening

"Abide as That, on realizing which to be oneself, there is nothing else to be known, everything becomes already known and every purpose accomplished - and be always happy, without the least trace of thought." - The Ribhu Gita

To me, the whole purpose of life is to be happy. It is really that simple.

And, while I am convinced that is the goal, stated or unstated, of everyone on the planet, what we seem to get more of instead is suffering.

So, what does it mean to be happy and how is it achieved?

Well, to solve this great problem of suffering we must first understand what it is, where it came from and how it persists.

For many, if not most, happiness is regarded as some sort of external of life. Its presence or absence revolves around having, doing and/or being something or someone.

Its presence or absence revolves around having, doing and/or being something or someone.

Look at children, they don't do anything to be happy, they just are!

This is pretty much the view of our modern culture, especially in the west, where happiness is defined as some accomplishment, possession, relationship, attainment or status. It is always defined in material terms, whether that be some circumstance in this life or some reward in the next.

We are forever pursuing happiness rather than being happy

And therein lies the entire problem Happiness is not our there somewhere. It is right smack dab in the center of you. My mission in life is to help you find it.

What Is Inner Reconciliation?

The conflicts and struggles going on in the world are a direct reflection of the inner conflict that lies at the heart of most people alive today. There is a way out of this deep soul disconnect that has us rejecting ourselves rather than loving ourselves (and each other) deeply.

You do not need fixing or need yet another self-improvement program. You only need to reconcile with your heart and rediscover the original, pure innocence and magnificence that is your true nature.

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i invite you to learn about this simple yet powerful healing modality by watching my free introductory video series entitled "End Suffering ~ Be Happy.​

"GP that is quite simply the best, most eloquent description of non-duality I have ever heard." - Tom (YouTube comment)

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The one man that has and continues to help me on my spiritual path and understanding of “my meaning” in this life is GP Walsh! His teachings on Inner Reconciliation have truly changed my personal, business and athletic life! Thank you GP!

Dr. Klara Gubacs

Author, Athlete, Teacher

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One of the most powerful and transformational things you can do for yourself is spend some private time with an experienced teacher.


GP will coach, inspire, and gently show you where your understanding is lacking so you can avoid common pitfalls. 


A single session with GP will do more for you than a weekend retreat! 

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GP offers numerous online courses and workshops, both live, pre-recored and a combination of both. Many of these courses are now being offered for free or at a reduced cost.

A full catalog of all his current offerings as well as recording of past classes, workshops and retreats are all available to experience over and over again at the Om School!


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GP has been a meditation teacher for decades and offers dozens of guided meditations covering a wide variety of subjects.

He is also a highly regarded composer and has created music of all sorts.His meditation music includes the latest in brain entrainment technology including binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies, isochronic pulse and sustained pedal points.





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